Thank you so much for stopping by Hannah Ruth Photography.

My identity is wrapped around the people and things I love the most in life. Each morning I wake up next to the love of my life, Austin. He is the smartest, handsomest, and kindest man I know. Just a few moments later, we inevitably hear the pitter patter of four little feet running down the hall to crawl into bed with us. Asher Lee and Fitzgerald Ezra light up our lives and give us even more meaning to our daily tasks.

Once my feet hit the floor, it’s go time. We scramble around to get ourselves ready for the day. I get to go to school every day with my boys. They go to their classrooms while I go to mine to spend my day teaching literature, writing, journalism, design, and photography to my high school students.

After school we keep the pace running from photo sessions to T-Ball games—from dinner to church—from family time to bath time. And we LOVE it!

On photoshoots, you will find a Canon 5D Markiii in my hand while I’m shooting in manual mode. You will typically find me shooting in natural lighting; I am particularly obsessed with the glorious golden hour when the sun casts a romantic glow around any subject in its path.

I am simply Hannah—lover of Jesus, wife, mommy, teacher, friend, and photographer. Join me anytime as I chase beautiful sunsets and beautiful moments.

-Hannah Ruth